Yeah I’m talking about books. You know, those things you pick and and read when you’re bored? Assuming you are avid readers that is..

Anyway, recently, I’ve been reading a lot, more than usual. Hell, I went through two books in less than 24 hours. For some, it’s not a lot but to me, it is. I usually take two to three days to read even half of it, but lately I’m ordering and buying a lot, going through them too fast even. This post is basically me ranting about books and my solution so hang tight!

I love books, my library is expanding, I have more than 30 books now (that’s and achievement for me), most of which I order from the U.S. Because they don’t sell them in Kuwait :(, as you all know, shipping things to Kuwait takes an incredibly large amount of time and gets quite expensive as well. My only solution at the moment is the Amazon Kindle. I took e-books for a test drive this vacation and I’m loving them. I used both iBooks and Kindle app, and personally, I prefer the Kindle app on my iPad. Where as your typical book costs 10-15$, I can get the digital version for 4$ on average and even less too! So this is where the kindle comes in, I shall order the Basic model of the Kindle this weekend from Mr. Babu and I’ll update you soon!


Destiny is out now!

You know, the new game made by Bungie? Creators of Halo on Xbox? Yeah they have a new game now called Destiny and it’s officially out now on Xbox Live and PSN.

If you prefer a physical copy rather than digital (Like I do), you can grab your copy in Rehab complex in Hawalli.

Now, excuse me, I’m fading to oblivion for a few days to enjoy the game :D.


How do you use your iPad?



Well, the post is pretty much straightforward, how do you use your iPad? 

Personally, a couple of years back my iPad was strictly for gaming. I was younger then and videogames was my only priority, until I bought the iPad Mini more than a year ago, I started exploring the other side of it other than games, iBooks is one of my most used apps, especially when I studied in the US for a brief period of time, almost all of my syllabus are on Ebook format if permitted because of the following reasons

  1. It was cheaper than the Universities Library
  2. Lightweight, why carry several 400/600 Page books when I can carry my iPad?
  3. Convenient and easier on the eyes than books in my case.

I also heavily use Evernote for not taking, not only does it allow you to take efficient notes, you can also record the professors voice mid class. I don’t know about you, but if it weren’t for most of my recordings, I would’ve failed a midterm. 

Later on, since a year ago I never owned a light-weight laptop, I had a rather heft Alienware M18x r1, I started using Microsoft Word on the ago for my Essays while I’m still in Uni and as soon as I get back home, I’d continue on my Alienware!

Personally, my iPad works really well for me even though it’s somewhat outdated in terms of specs and starting to feel slower due to iOS7, but it still works flawlessly for me, considering the fact that not only does it run my most used apps, I can also watch 1080p movies on it while traveling (Don’t know about you, but this feature saved my ass on many MANY trips).


The iPad has literally endless of usability if you know how to use it well, currently I use it to write several chapters of a Novella I’m working on, actually, two novellas. And I love it. 

Phones, phones, PHONES!

Man oh man, where the hell do I begin? Almost two weeks ago, my main phone the iPhone 5S decided it was thirsty and drank a gallon of water, ruining it inside and out. So here I was, pissed off and angry as hell because my 64GB iPhone died on me on my last day of our trip (thank god it was the last day). When I came back to Kuwait, I took it to a repair shop in Hawalli and they told me the phone is can’t be repaired. So as I walked out of the shop, I was using my backup phone Nexus 5 it slipped from my hands and fell to the street only for a couple of seconds later, a land cruiser crushed it completely.

And from here, my dilemma started to spiral out of control. Since it was at the end of the month and me being piss-broke, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini because thats the only option I can afford. As soon as I got back home, the phone refuses to charge. What kind of phone discharges while being plugged in? Seriously, what phone does that? I took it back to Babtain warranty, they checked it out and they gave me a new phone. I immediately sold the phone and decided I was better off selling my soul to the devil (Zain) and got a contract for a new iPhone 5S thus ending this issue once and for all.

Now I remember why I swore off the shit of a company called Samsung.

Been a while

I know I know. I have not been as active as I was before, I’m to blame. Hell, the whole Q8Dreamers team is to blame, I’m the only one left that is even remotely active anymore.

Well, life has been somewhat hectic. Major life-altering decisions have been made in the past few months which kept me away from this fine establishment. Fear not, I will be somewhat active again, not on a daily basis but I can guarantee a post every once in a while, probably no more than three a week. Perhaps more if someone wanted to join the team and take the load off me?

Either way, I know this is a short post but I’ll be writing more. I promise.

Oh by the way, SURVIVOR is back in a more dark, depresssing and gorey overhaul. I have 4 chapters ready for release, and I will release chapter one very soon, stay tuned!

Challenge: BlackBerry Z30 as a daily driver.


Well, I’m going to challenge myself to use the blackberry Z30 as a daily driver for a week. I will post about my daily struggles almost everyday and tweet about it as well.

The Blackberry Z30 is a wonderful and beautiful phone with one of the best OS’S I have ever used on a mobile platform to date. The battery life of this said device is amazing as well, you can  go on more than a day with normal usage (by normal, in my books is constantly texting and tweeting).

I am currently using the Blackberry to type this post too. Stay tuned!


Child of Light


Ubisoft has just released this magnificent piece of art recently. You play as Aurora, a child who awakens in a world she does not recognize, thinking it is a dream and she needs to wake up from so she could look for her father, the king.


This game is beautifully made. You can feel the effort that has been poured in this game, the art style is simply astonishing as I am a major fan of such water-colored artwork. Sure, it’s not realism but it’s art at its finest in terms of video games. I honestly believed that such artwork has been abandoned in the videogame industry. It’s a 10/10


Don’t expect a lot, this game is 2D platformer, a beautiful one at that. It’s also an RPG which you level up and earn exp after battling weird bugs and banshees, not to mention stone figures too! You also control a cute little firefly too! He can be a huge aid in battle and out, if you need healing you press a button and he can illuminate around you and heals you or he can slow your enemies turn midst battle, but this ability is finite and needs time to recharge or you grab orbs which will fill up the bar too.

This game is sort of open world from what I can tell, after the prologue you will earn the ability to fly which will make everything a whole lot easier. You can also enlist more people in your party for battles. 8.5/10


The setting and story is quiet simple to be honest, you play as Aurora, a princess daughter of the ruler of Austria. One night as she lays asleep, her light fades and wakes up in an odd world. The story is pretty much straightforward, Aurora must look for her father and rid this world from whatever has happened to it. What I love about the story is the fairytale like script, poetic and story like which made me fall in love with it instantaneously.n8.5/10

Final Score: 9/10

Final verdict:

If you are looking for a cute game to play and love videogame art and RPGS, by all means, go buy it and enjoy all this beautiful game has to offer.