WIPEOUT 2048 On my PS Vita .

A week ago , i got my VITA  from my uncle , and what an epic device it was . When i got the Playstation Vita , i downloaded the Demo of Wipeout 2048 from the japanese Playstastion store  , anyway after the download i launched the demo and got blown away by the graphics and visuals that this game was pumping , it was hands down the most beautiful game on the Playstation Vita on Launch day besides Super Star Dust Delta (Which im going to review) .  Anyway a few days ago , Sony launched 5 First party titles in the American Playstation store , so i bought a 50$ prepaid card , and i bought Wipeout 2048 right away ! . So decided that i should  shoot a game play video  (did the best i could with no tripod)  , And  Here’s Two pictures that i barely took during my Anti-Gravity racing action packed gameplay lol .

The game is very enterntaing , kept me going for hours . And if anyone is interested , here’s a video that i rushed .

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